#2 Dad (xevinx) wrote in s2component,
#2 Dad

Thanks for the voting

The poll is closer than I wanted it to be. I was hoping for a clear answer. The general feedback though is that people would rather have this community stay as is so that they don't have to filter it due to excessive posts. I agree strongly with that, there are other S2 communities that fill up my friend's page as it is. At the same time though, I want people to get their questions answered, so, thanks to liabunnny, there is now component_help. I know, it may seem excessive to have two communities (even one seemed overboard to me) for one style, but if it helps people, I'll support it.

So this community will be used solely for tips/tricks/tutorials and announcements, and component_help will be used to asking questions or reporting errors. If a bug is verified or tip/trick comes through component_help, I will post it here too as an announcement. Hopefully this will help in getting people the help that is needed, and will also keep the posts to this community down, for those using it just for the latest news.

Any attempts to post to this community that is not a Tip/Trick/Tutorial or Announcement relating to Component will be rejected and will be directed to component_help. I apologize, but I just don't have the time to answer each one individually now.

Also, the community user info and memories have been updated.

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