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Picture above entries tutorial

For those of you who have used my tutorial, I've finally figured out why the mini calendar used to break with it and have fixed it so the mini calendar now works, and the tutorial has been updated with the fixed code. If you're using it, I suggest you at least look at the code I have at the end so you can fix your journals. :)
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Deleted comment

Try using the back arrow on the mini calendar and see what happens. :)
I need help!! My comment text is whatever it came with and I wanna change it and I have no clue how to do that!!! Can anyone help me????
could you provide us with a link to this other tutorial that you speak of? thatd be great... ^_^
after some more research, i found the link.
heh, I hadn't even noticed, but thanks I'll have to remember to fix it in my community too. Is it the same tutorial that I used that has been edited? []

While on the subject of the mini calendar, call me stupid, but how could I make the numbers bold? I've tried but I must be doing something wrong as it isn't working at all. Sorry for being a pest.
Actually this entry was talking about the putting a graphic above the entries, which you haven't used. That's probably why you didn't notice anything wrong with your mini calendar. :)

I've had a great deal of trouble with getting the style sheet to make things bold, but you can try adding
font-weight: bolder;
to your stylesheet.
Lol, shows how much I pay attention to this all then :oP