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#2 Dad

you asked for it

this months s2themes contest is for Component! So if you think your Component colors theme is badass, hop on over and submit it into the competition!
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April 9 2004, 14:37:14 UTC 13 years ago

how do you get you get the comment text to change when you dont have a paid account? for example...
3 tear drops //\\ form on my pillow
instead of
3 comments //\\ post comment
look at suga_lumps journal at her comment text to see what i mean.
thank you.
Which is why I just dropped the $5 for an account. :-P

P.S., anyone interested may check my Components layout journal. I'm not claiming it's a great work of art, but I find it very easy on the eyes.
yeah i was just about to post a question regarding that. i've came across users with free accounts and they are able to personalized their comments link too.
I think because they're probably early adopters or got a code from them.
You have to use an S1 code. It's in the FAQ o.O;
Oh okay, thanks. :)
who know what public id for component style ?
I cannot for the life of me figure out how to add a link to bloglet.com to my journal so that ppl can sign up to receive emails when I update my journal because livejournal does not support this as of yet. Can someone please help? I'd like to add it in the component boxes, but not just bloglet, I"d like to add logarama as well with a clicable image link to them. I've looked everywhere and the component style is my absolute fav, so I really want to keep using it....many thanks in advance!
I'd mosey on over to component_help they have great tutorials for the kind of thing you're asking for(adding extra components)
Hey xevinx!

I just wanted to let you know, but haven't found your e-mail addy anywhere, that your layout Component has gotten its own fanlisting.

It's over here.

I have no idea how to promote it best though, so I was wondering if it would be possible for me to pimp it here? It's a kickass layout you've made and fans of it should all join the listing :-D

Hey, that's awesome! Yeah, if you want to submit a post to this community about it, I'll approve.

There's also the matter of how you want to be credited on the fanlisting... as xevinx with link or just as it is. I've been mulling over what would look best in ages and finally didn't go with xevinx because I didn't want to add to the swarm of people who nag at you with questions like "How do I edit/remove/change [insert your Component related topic here]"
I was wondering where and how I can change my background into a Marlyin Monroe theme. I can't copy and paste anything..

I was also wondering if you knew how to change the comment bar to say something else, instead of saying "Post comment" I want it to say something else..

Thanks.. if you can .. you can post a message back on my LJ username


my orange kicks ass
how do i change my comment thing to say something besides post comment and 1 comment?

plz help

-The Fox
K..I need help making my journal backround fixed so it doesnt scroll. Also I need help making to it (on Generator) to make the box smaller and go to the side. I know where all the stuff is but it say like box with and it wont let me click the box to costomize it..and with the fixed backround scrolling thing..it just doesnt offer that as an option..why?
Not that I'm complaining but I have found even UNpaid accounts have component what's up with that?
Such as bk117
well, its not my call on how that stuff all works, i just made the thing. however, as far as i know, it is possible to have a paid account - set up a custom style - let the account lapse - and for a while, you will be able to maintain all your custom settings...
I'm not sure if you meant ME but I never had a paid account.
I changed the layout of my journal with "modify journal" and then you can just play around until you have something you like.

didn't even actually look at your journal, but had I, I would have seen that you're not using the Component style.
I am just wondering if anyone can help me. I am curious if anyone has made code for a component that does a countdown to a certain date? If there is, could someone direct me to the code? Thanks.
how do i combine the overrides for background image and font???
You seem to have a very excellent idea on how to work the html (or override? I've been trying to read about this) as opposed to me who feels like I have been dumped into India or something. I have no idea how to even start with working the html. I realize you couldn't really help me with that but I was hoping you could direct me to a website or recommend a book that could be comprehended by a regular teenager.

Whatever happened to the Component theme contest?