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Updates Live

The updates previously mentioned are now live. This includes the Page Summary feature which can by turned on in your customization wizard, and the edit/mem buttons which can be turned off from the wizard.
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testing help

Hey all, the addition to the Page Summary and the Edit/Mem buttons have been implemented and are live on the test server, so those with accounts on there, if you could take a look at it and let me know how it works for you, I'd be greatful, thanks :)
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More changes

I added the Edit/Mem/Mail links to the recent pages, by default will be turned on, but I added an option to turn them off. So now there's an option to turn them off of the Recent View's and a seperate option for the Entry View. I removed the links from the ReplyPage since I couldn't keep them off when replying to a comment, but have them on otherwise. So, if this seems to be a problem for you, let me know, thanks :)
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I've added the Page Summary to Component and it'd help greatly to catch any visual errors if anyone with a moment could look it over. On top of adding the Page Summary, I also added "width=100%" to the table that the print_comment_top function, so check out the comment page too. Thanks. If you discover anything unusual, please let me know what OS and browser and version you're using, thanks :)

Currently this is not the test server version, just my own layer on the test server. So you have to check it out on my journal:

Added: Oh yeah, if you could, let me know even if it looks good, thanks :)
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Updates coming!

I am currently working on some updates to Component. Included in those updates are the Page Summary that has appeared recently in the Digital Multiplex and Opal S2 styles. Also I am adding "Add to Memories", "Email a Friends", "Edit", and "Link" links to each entry on the RecentPage entries.

So, as long as we're updating things, I thought it'd be nice to have a little contest. The contest will be for the best color theme! If it goes well, I'd like to do one a month and rotate through different S2 styles. I'm still working on all the details, but the way I see it is that a group of volunteers narrow the selection down to 5 or 10 and those are then voted on by everyone else. The winner(s) gets their theme added to the available system themes for that style. What do you think?
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update to component

Bug fix: I missed a line of code originally, and without any way to test it until a January came along, I didn't catch it until a few days ago. If you get the error "Invalid month: 00" in the mini-calendar, then you're familiar with the bug. This has been fixed on the test server and will eventually make its way over to the lj.
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Example of using print_custom_head() - Adding transparency.

Until recently, if you wanted to customize any elements in the stylesheet in Component, you had to recreate the print_stylesheet() function, paste the contents of the entire stylesheet into it, and make the few minor changes you wanted to. However, with the addition of print_custom_head to S2 styles (I think they all have it now), you can now modify the behavior of the stylesheet without having to recreate the entire thing.

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