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Component Tips and Tricks
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Date:2004-12-01 13:12
Subject:Component reviews

componentreview is back up.

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Date:2004-03-02 09:04
Subject:you asked for it

this months s2themes contest is for Component! So if you think your Component colors theme is badass, hop on over and submit it into the competition!

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Date:2004-02-21 08:08
Subject:Updates Live

The updates previously mentioned are now live. This includes the Page Summary feature which can by turned on in your customization wizard, and the edit/mem buttons which can be turned off from the wizard.

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Date:2004-02-04 08:42
Subject:testing help

Hey all, the addition to the Page Summary and the Edit/Mem buttons have been implemented and are live on the test server, so those with accounts on there, if you could take a look at it and let me know how it works for you, I'd be greatful, thanks :)

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Date:2004-02-02 23:03
Subject:More changes

I added the Edit/Mem/Mail links to the recent pages, by default will be turned on, but I added an option to turn them off. So now there's an option to turn them off of the Recent View's and a seperate option for the Entry View. I removed the links from the ReplyPage since I couldn't keep them off when replying to a comment, but have them on otherwise. So, if this seems to be a problem for you, let me know, thanks :)


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Date:2004-02-02 18:06

I've added the Page Summary to Component and it'd help greatly to catch any visual errors if anyone with a moment could look it over. On top of adding the Page Summary, I also added "width=100%" to the table that the print_comment_top function, so check out the comment page too. Thanks. If you discover anything unusual, please let me know what OS and browser and version you're using, thanks :)

Currently this is not the test server version, just my own layer on the test server. So you have to check it out on my journal:


Added: Oh yeah, if you could, let me know even if it looks good, thanks :)

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Date:2004-01-28 11:09
Subject:s2 color theme contest

The color theme contest has started! However...this month's contest is not for Component. It is for Digital Multiplex. Component will come soon, I'm sure. Don't be discouraged though, it's fun anyway! Check it out over at s2themes.

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Date:2004-01-14 16:53
Subject:Updates coming!

I am currently working on some updates to Component. Included in those updates are the Page Summary that has appeared recently in the Digital Multiplex and Opal S2 styles. Also I am adding "Add to Memories", "Email a Friends", "Edit", and "Link" links to each entry on the RecentPage entries.

So, as long as we're updating things, I thought it'd be nice to have a little contest. The contest will be for the best color theme! If it goes well, I'd like to do one a month and rotate through different S2 styles. I'm still working on all the details, but the way I see it is that a group of volunteers narrow the selection down to 5 or 10 and those are then voted on by everyone else. The winner(s) gets their theme added to the available system themes for that style. What do you think?

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Date:2004-01-05 09:24
Subject:update to component

Bug fix: I missed a line of code originally, and without any way to test it until a January came along, I didn't catch it until a few days ago. If you get the error "Invalid month: 00" in the mini-calendar, then you're familiar with the bug. This has been fixed on the test server and will eventually make its way over to the lj.

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Date:2003-11-26 15:54
Subject:Example of using print_custom_head() - Adding transparency.

Until recently, if you wanted to customize any elements in the stylesheet in Component, you had to recreate the print_stylesheet() function, paste the contents of the entire stylesheet into it, and make the few minor changes you wanted to. However, with the addition of print_custom_head to S2 styles (I think they all have it now), you can now modify the behavior of the stylesheet without having to recreate the entire thing.

how do you do it?Collapse )

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Date:2003-11-22 14:24
Subject:Minor Update

On the EntryPage (the page with the comments) it will default to always showing the userpic. This is so that it is more in-line with the rest of the styles. For those that don't want it to show, there is a hidden property that you will be able to set like so:

set show_entrypage_userpic = false;

It should be on the test server now for those that would like to check it out and test it out for me, thanks :)

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Date:2003-11-20 01:19

There was an addition to the EntryPage::print_body for those that have modified it. No biggie...

For everyone, now there will be a link at the bottom of the Entry page, below all the comments, that lets you reply to the top entry. This should make it a little more usable. Look for it to be on the test server in the next day or so if you want to test it out.

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Date:2003-11-10 18:56
Subject:Updates Updates Updates

Greetings all!

And welcome to another round of Component changes.

Today you will find a couple things changed that are both exciting and different.

First off, many of you may notice that the font size may be a little bit different.

This is because the default was set to 11px. Now it's set to 12px. It's not that all journals have to have a large font size, but we don't want livejournal getting a reputation that its hard to read. So mainly we wanted to change the default size. Some of you may be a little upset over this, but I have more exciting news that should make you happy....in a minute.

Also, some of the themes were changed slightly, including the default one, to be a little higher contrast. Once again, looking to make the defaults a little more legible. None of the color changes were drastic.

Also, my apologies for print_free_text() change...again...it wasn't intentional and will be changed back to print_free_text(Page p) soon.

Finally...here's the exciting bit...

Component (and Boxer) now use print_custom_head()! This essentially replaces the role that overrides did with S1.

No long will you need to override the entire stylesheet! (I hated that you had to)

How does it work?

So, now, instead of override print_stylesheet() and having the replace the entire stylesheet you can create a new function in your user/theme layer that looks like this:

function Page::print_custom_head() {
          body { font-size: 11px; }

Everything you enter here will be printed out after the stylesheet, so you'd only be changing the font size while leaving everything else the same.

I'm sure in the near distant future we'll be seeing more complex examples and tutorials on using print_custon_head, but this should get you started.

Thanks again, and sorry about print_free_text()...again.

(i love you guys because you're all so patient with me.... *wink* *wink* )

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Date:2003-11-08 16:04
Subject:Component stylesheet, with properties

Since Component is closed source, all tutorials up to this point have not included information on the properties in the stylesheet. I needed to look at the stylesheet extensively for a support request, so I figured I'd just go through and reverse engineer the properties.

So, from now on, you should be able to use this stylesheet rather than one you copy yourself. There may be some differences that you will have to manually correct, such as the font_size, because I'm not sure the exact math used in creating that variable. Additionally, the palimg stuff isn't something I understand at all, so those might be a little off. However, the rest of it, including all of the colors, should be all find and dandy.

Hopefully this helps some people out when trying to create or recreate component styles. My next task is to release all of the html included in each of the builtin functions so that they can be more easily overridden.

Good luck, and happy styling!

big stylesheet, in pre tagCollapse )

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Date:2003-11-02 04:44
Subject:Editing the Profile Component

Ok, here's a tutorial to edit your profile component, and how to add in the instant messenger and livejournal stuff...

here's the codeCollapse )

edit: Sorry, for some reason this post wound up with a weird error I had to go back in and fix. This happened with this post in component_help and I fixed it, but forgot that I had it posted here as well. Anyway, it's all fixed now.

I have also uploaded some pictures you can use and put them in the post, but I do ask that you save them and upload them to your own webspace. I'm using free hosting and it only allows so much bandwith.

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Date:2003-10-30 23:22
Subject:Picture above entries tutorial

For those of you who have used my tutorial, I've finally figured out why the mini calendar used to break with it and have fixed it so the mini calendar now works, and the tutorial has been updated with the fixed code. If you're using it, I suggest you at least look at the code I have at the end so you can fix your journals. :)

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Date:2003-10-14 10:12
Subject:HOW TO: searching in component using freefind

Ok more component override fun... I used to have a "search style" in S1 that fed to freefind then they changed some things in S1 surrounding & and &amp; that made it impossible... now with S2, I can do it without even creating a style, just by overriding some things in component...

What this allows you to do is sign up with freefind.com for free search which spiders your journal and comments and allows you and others to search through your prior entries and comments without seriously impacting LJ's servers.

How to do it:Collapse )

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Date:2003-10-01 21:36
Subject:Change Component Date Format!

See, already component_help has come in handy.


Prerequisite: Ability to create/modify a theme/user layer.


Component uses the date_format("long") for entries. So to change the date format, you need to change the settings for what it considers to be "long" (as you'll see, size does not matter) in your theme/user layer. S2 has a way built into it to change this since different languages and cultures use different ordering for their dates, etc...

So, in your user/theme layer, add

set lang_fmt_date_long =

then use the S2 manual's Date Formats to come up with a string for the format. For example, instead of "February 5th, 1980", which is the default for Component, you can move the day in front of the month by appending:

"%%dayord%% %%month%% %%yyyy%%";

or shorten the year by using %%yy%% for the 2 digit version...and on and on.

so you would have:

set lang_fmt_date_long = "%%dayord%% %%month%% %%yyyy%%";

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Date:2003-10-01 14:50
Subject:Thanks for the voting

The poll is closer than I wanted it to be. I was hoping for a clear answer. The general feedback though is that people would rather have this community stay as is so that they don't have to filter it due to excessive posts. I agree strongly with that, there are other S2 communities that fill up my friend's page as it is. At the same time though, I want people to get their questions answered, so, thanks to liabunnny, there is now component_help. I know, it may seem excessive to have two communities (even one seemed overboard to me) for one style, but if it helps people, I'll support it.

So this community will be used solely for tips/tricks/tutorials and announcements, and component_help will be used to asking questions or reporting errors. If a bug is verified or tip/trick comes through component_help, I will post it here too as an announcement. Hopefully this will help in getting people the help that is needed, and will also keep the posts to this community down, for those using it just for the latest news.

Any attempts to post to this community that is not a Tip/Trick/Tutorial or Announcement relating to Component will be rejected and will be directed to component_help. I apologize, but I just don't have the time to answer each one individually now.

Also, the community user info and memories have been updated.


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Date:2003-09-30 20:25
Subject:s2component poll

A note before the question: I've gotten a couple of reports of comments acting weird on the Entry pages today. I haven't made any changes to the code in Component, but I guess there have been some changes to the livejournal code recently. I'll look into this, but keep an eye out for it. You can reply to this post if you need to report any oddities on it instead of the Bugs post.

Speaking of the Bugs post, that brings me to the Question. There has recently been an increase in the number of submitted posts to this community. I also haven't had time to go over a lot of the comments to bugs/suggestions/feedback lately. A lot of them have been questions previously asked by others. I also have noticed that there should be a "questions" entry people can reply to. So, what does this all tell me? That maybe it's time for this to be an unmoderated community. This means the community is no longer a centerpoint for tips/tricks/tutorials, but a place for people to help each other out with problems and such. This has always been my intention, but I wanted to keep it simple while people adjusted to S2 and Component. However, maybe it's still too soon. So, let's put it to a vote!

Vote Yes to Open the community, vote No to keep it tutorials/tips/announcements.

edit: When I say "unmoderated", I mean that posts to the community will go straight to the community instead of being approved first. I'll still be watching the community to get rid of off-topic posts and to reply when I have time.

edit: Voting is now closed.

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