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A note before the question: I've gotten a couple of reports of comments acting weird on the Entry pages today. I haven't made any changes to the code in Component, but I guess there have been some changes to the livejournal code recently. I'll look into this, but keep an eye out for it. You can reply to this post if you need to report any oddities on it instead of the Bugs post.

Speaking of the Bugs post, that brings me to the Question. There has recently been an increase in the number of submitted posts to this community. I also haven't had time to go over a lot of the comments to bugs/suggestions/feedback lately. A lot of them have been questions previously asked by others. I also have noticed that there should be a "questions" entry people can reply to. So, what does this all tell me? That maybe it's time for this to be an unmoderated community. This means the community is no longer a centerpoint for tips/tricks/tutorials, but a place for people to help each other out with problems and such. This has always been my intention, but I wanted to keep it simple while people adjusted to S2 and Component. However, maybe it's still too soon. So, let's put it to a vote!

Vote Yes to Open the community, vote No to keep it tutorials/tips/announcements.

edit: When I say "unmoderated", I mean that posts to the community will go straight to the community instead of being approved first. I'll still be watching the community to get rid of off-topic posts and to reply when I have time.

edit: Voting is now closed.
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