#2 Dad (xevinx) wrote in s2component,
#2 Dad

Updates coming!

I am currently working on some updates to Component. Included in those updates are the Page Summary that has appeared recently in the Digital Multiplex and Opal S2 styles. Also I am adding "Add to Memories", "Email a Friends", "Edit", and "Link" links to each entry on the RecentPage entries.

So, as long as we're updating things, I thought it'd be nice to have a little contest. The contest will be for the best color theme! If it goes well, I'd like to do one a month and rotate through different S2 styles. I'm still working on all the details, but the way I see it is that a group of volunteers narrow the selection down to 5 or 10 and those are then voted on by everyone else. The winner(s) gets their theme added to the available system themes for that style. What do you think?
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